Glaucoma Screening Day Unidad Nacional de Oftalmología

On friday march 16th, the National Ophtalmology Unit in Guatemala city is offering to all their patients, free of charge full ophtalmologic evaluation for first time patients and screening for glaucoma. We are also offering discounts on special tests such as OCT and Visual fields.

Educational talks and awareness videos will be shared with patients in wating rooms to promote knowledge about the dissease.

The main goal of our activities is to raise awareness and educate our patients about rutinary consultation and prevention.

Organized by

Glaucoma clinic, Unidad Nacional de Oftalmología

Contact: Iris Fernández, MD, Head of Glaucoma Clinic
Contact Email:

Category: Screening event


7:00 am - 1:00 pm


Unidad Nacional de Oftalmología
8va Calle 5-64 Col El Progreso Zona 11 63177-Ciudad de Guatemala
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