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  • Bug in Eye Glaucoma awereness - Clayville, South Africa

    30/01/2021 - 01/12/2021
    Organized by: Gwen Nemaenzhe
    Awanerness campaign to educate the masses about glaucoma Provides glaucoma tests to those who cant afford the tests To work with media in raising awareness Produce apparel with our logo to raise funds Fundraising campaigns to keep glaucoma center going Built a mobile Centre that provides these facilities to the...

  • Glaucoma Awareness Screening for 40 plus age group - Kolkata, India

    01/03/2021 - 31/03/2021
    Organized by: Sunetra Family Eye Care Centre

  • IOP Screening - Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine

    05/03/2021 - 05/04/2021
    Organized by: Medical center "TopMedical"

  • Complimentary Glaucoma Screenings

    Complimentary Glaucoma Screenings - Hurst, United States

    07/03/2021 - 13/03/2021
    Organized by: Texas Eye and Laser Center (US)
    In recognition & honor of World Glaucoma Week, Texas Eye and Laser Center at two locations in Hurst & Forth Worth, Texas (US) is offering complimentary glaucoma screenings to new patients. Call to schedule your FREE glaucoma screening. Please note that screenings are offered to new patients only.

  • Screening of family members of glaucoma patients - Coimbatore, India

    07/03/2021 - 13/03/2021
    Organized by: Glaucoma Clinic, Aravind Eye Hospital, Coimbatore
    The Glaucoma Clinic at Aravind Eye Hospital has been regularly screening escort family members of glaucoma patients visiting our centre over the many years. The World Glaucoma Week gives us an opportunity to create awareness amongst the relatives of glaucoma patients about the prevalence and burden of glaucoma and its...

  • Free Glaucoma Screening at Eye Associates

    Free Glaucoma Screening at Eye Associates - Sydney, Australia

    Organized by: Eye Associates
    We are inviting you and your family members for a free Glaucoma screening, clinical examination and consultation with one of our Ophthalmologists on Monday the 8th of March 2021, to honour World Glaucoma Week (7th to 12th March 2021). Please call us on 02 9247 9972 to book an appointment...

  • Public screen - Gulistan, Uzbekistan

    09/03/2021 - 13/03/2021
    Organized by: "Guliston Koz' ophthalmic clinic

  • GlaucoMed walczy z jaskrą!

    GlaucoMed walczy z jaskrą! - Bytom, Poland

    Organized by: GlaucoMed

  • Free Glaucoma Screenings

    Free Glaucoma Screenings - San Luis Obispo, United States

    Organized by: Pacific Eye
    In recognition of World Glaucoma Week, Pacific Eye, located in San Luis Obispo, California (US) will host free glaucoma screenings on Saturday, March 13th from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm PST. Appointments are walk-in only.

World Glaucoma Week 2021

Countdown to #glaucomaweek in 2021:

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