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Thank you for being a part of our community, raising glaucoma awareness! The submission form posts your activity on the World Glaucoma Week World Map. To get you started, some guidelines.

  1. Have your contact details and a great image ready, you will need it to complete the form.
  2. Your activity does not need to have a physical location. For an activity without a physical location, please fill out the city/town and country of the organizer. For instance, you are located in Paris and your activity is a Facebook campaign. Please fill out Paris and France in the form.
  3. There are several categories you can choose from, to make it easier for visitors of the World Map to find an activity they are interested in.
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Awareness campaign

  • Make landmarks shine in bright green, such as the ‘Light-up in Green’ campaign in Japan.
  • Distribute at your clinic, institution or public venue printed material, such as brochures and flyers, with information about glaucoma.
  • Distribute a postcard that people and companies can send to their friends and customers, informing them of World Glaucoma Week and urging them to be vigilant about maintaining a healthy vision.
  • Distribution of WGW marked items, such as pens, key chains, T-shirts, mugs.
  • Encourage your co-workers to dress in green and share the (Zoom) photo with us!

Media coverage

  • Contact a newspaper/magazine to write a story on WGW or publish an article or editorial that you have written.
  • Contact a radio station or TV channel to cover the WGW.
  • Social media campaign.

Public educational event

  • Organize an educational meeting with health care professionals online, at your institution, or at a public venue such as a conference center, community hall, charity meeting, place of worship.
  • Invite a prominent patient, or a patient support group, to share their experiences.
  • Organize an open-door day at your clinic/institution.

Screening event

Organize a free screening day at your clinic/institution or a public venue, such as a mall, market, place of worship, town hall, community center.

Sport activity

Organize a sporting event under the WGW colors, such as a walk, run, or cycling event. You can also get creative with individual sports challenges raising glaucoma awareness.


We know there are some amazing activities taking place that cannot be put into a pre-defined category. We look forward to learning about your activity by selecting the ‘Other’ category.


Unleash the movie director in yourself

Submit your glaucoma themed video to the WGW website for dissemination by the WGW. We welcome patient interviews, research, coverage of (previous) WGW activities, and much more. Check this link for more details on how to submit your video.

Should you need technical support with uploading your activity, please contact WGA Executive Office.

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