World Glaucoma Association

The World Glaucoma Association (WGA) is an independent, impartial, ethical, global organization for glaucoma science and care. WGA’s core purpose is to eliminate glaucoma-related disability worldwide. The WGA is the largest international glaucoma association, encompassing a network of 91 Glaucoma Societies worldwide and 13 Glaucoma Industry Members with over 12,000 individual members.

Meet the WGA Patient Committee

The WGA Patient Committee aims to raise awareness, connect glaucoma patients with the global glaucoma network, and build a bridge between patients and health care professionals.

What can the WGA do for you?

Membership of the World Glaucoma Association is free if you’re a member of one of our affiliated glaucoma societies.

  1. Belong to a global community: connect with other health care professionals specialized in glaucoma.
  2. Access top-notch resources: receive free online access to our publications: the International Glaucoma Review (IGR) and the Journal of Glaucoma (JOG) and read the latest news of the WGA in our monthly newsletter.
  3. Help drive glaucoma awareness: have a voice to advocate for glaucoma and participate in World Glaucoma Week, planned annually in March.
  4. Experience significant savings: take advantage of a discount on the registration fee for our biennial World Glaucoma Congress (WGC).
  5. Boost your knowledge on glaucoma: develop your professional standing and that of your institution by using our educational portal, online courses and webinars.
  6. Experience strength in numbers: gain valuable insights with the Glaucoma Consensus Initiative, based on the idea that the collective wisdom of a group is better than the opinion of a single expert.
  7. Support your patients: relay unbiased information about glaucoma, using accessible language in a user-friendly platform.

The WGA services

More information on the World Glaucoma Association can be found at

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