Up hill Marathon

I have been participating in GLAUCOMA Awarness Week for past 6 yrs as i was associated with one of the leading tertiary Eyecare Cantre i.e Drishti Eye Institute, and i have learned a lot about GLAUCOMA and its effects on people. People loosing their vision forever has hit me very hard so i was always motivated to do something or the other at an individual level to spread awarness towards it, so today i challenged myself for a uphill Marathon which was almost 12km non stop run which i manged to finish in 2hrs.
I believe at an individual level people should start talking about GLAUCOMA like we talk about Global warming or Markets.
I wanted to spread awarness about GLAUCOMA and its ill effects and how early screening can help manage this sight threatening disease. I was wearing Glaucoma Awarness Week 2023 T Shirt on the run hoping people will notice. I am sharing my activity on all my social media platforms and friends and family. Hope it helps i am trying to do my bit.

Organized by


Contact: LavKush Pandey
Contact Email: pandey_lavkush@yahoo.com

Category: Sport activity


4:30 pm - 7:00 pm


Drishti Eye Institute, 16 Subhash Road, Astley Hall,
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