Screening Event

1. Glaucoma patient education:

We have a presentation on general knowledge of glaucoma: what is glaucoma, when to go for a check up, how to follow with the treatment… for 300 people at the Ho Chi Minh city Center of health communication and education a week earlier.

The event was announced publicly on media and newspaper for public to register through phone or direct register. We have a limit of 400 patients in the list.

2. Glaucoma screening event:

On March 15th, we will start the screening event. Patients will be thoroughly examined by glaucoma specialists and received the medication for free. The event stop when we get all of 400 patients checked.

The event will be broadcasted on media and newspaper to raise awareness of glaucoma in the population.

Organized by

Glaucoma Department - Ho Chi Minh city Eye Hospital

Contact: Huynh Vo Mai Quyen
Contact Email:

Category: Screening event


7:00 am - 12:00 pm


Ho Chi Minh city Eye Hospital
280 Dien Bien Phu Ward 7 District 3
Ho Chi Minh
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