Screenig activity at Sao Jose nursing home for the elderly

Glaucoma specialists from Centro Oftalmologico de  Minas Gerais Hospital will be involved in a social and screening activity by visiting an elderly resting home at Belo Horizonte (São Jose Asylum). The idea is looking for the”sneak thief of sight” in a high risk population. We hiphotesise that because of the social economical difficulties of having their eyes tested by a specialist might increase the risk of undiagnosed glaucoma.

We will take 3 slits lamps, a non contact tonometer, a tonopen to measure the eye pressure on those bedriddens, 4 glaucoma specialist, and take along a willingness to help them with love and compassion

Contact: ana carolina and gustavo muradas
Contact Email:


1:30 pm - 4:30 pm


Sao Jose Home for elderly
rua sao jose 200
belo horizonte
minas gerais
olhos dágua


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