Gurugram Glaucoma walk

Gurugram glaucoma walk

400 number of people participated in “Glaucoma Awareness Walk” on 17th march  Sunday morning at 7 am . The Haryana Ophthalmology Society and IMA gurugramalong with lion club city gurugram celebrated World Glaucoma Week  . This week is celebrated as world glaucoma week all over the world. The chief guest were Mr. Umesh Agarwal  MLA, Gurugram. The guest of honor Mr. Om Wadhana President lions club gurugram and Mrs. Seema Pahuja Councillor MCG Gurugram.

  As a part of awareness campaign Haryana ophthalmology society along with IMA gurugram on Sunday  morning 7am  started their walk from sector 4 Rahagiri (INOX mall) gurugram and ended at community center at sector 4. This was a 2 km walk in which there were 200 opthalmologicaldoctors and a large gathering of civil people participated in this awareness walk along with MLA gurugram.

  In this awareness program there was a glaucoma jingle by Dr. Kapil Midha and his group. A kirtan by guaranga institute of vedic education was also  held there to aware the people about the deadly  disease glaucoma. This disease causes a patient to become this disease the pressure in the eye becomes higher which makes optic nerve to get damaged, by which the patient is not able to see anything.  In india more than 5 cr. people got blind  by this disease. The main symptoms of this disease are pain, head ache and changing  frequently the number of the eye glass. This disease is mostly seen in the patients having high blood pressure, thyroid and much more. People must get the best advice and the best treatment in the hospitals rather going to an optician.


Orginiser were: Dr. Inder Mohan Rustagi President Gurugram Opthalmological and General Secretary Haryana Opthalmological Society.

Dr. Ajay Sharma: President HOS also addressed the gathering













Organized by

Gurugram Ophthalmological society

Contact: Prof indermohan Rustagi
Contact Email:

Category: Media coverage


8:00 am - 9:30 am


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