Glaucoma is a silent thief of sight: Get your Eyes Checked Today

The Vision Care Association, sponsored by Solmed company and Mr. Bassem Bouhabib, is organizing an event from March 16th to March 18th in Beirut city to raise awareness about intraocular pressure and glaucoma. This event is being held in conjunction with World Glaucoma Week, a global initiative to raise awareness about this disease. During this three-day event, there will be various activities and educational programs aimed at increasing knowledge about glaucoma and the importance of regular eye check-ups. Health experts, including ophthalmologists and optometrists, will be on hand to provide free eye screenings and consultations to participants using iCare devices to measure intraocular pressure. The iCare tonometer is a non-invasive, hand-held device that can accurately measure intraocular pressure without the need for anesthetic eye drops. This makes it a convenient and comfortable screening method for participants who may be apprehensive about traditional methods of measuring intraocular pressure.
To highlight the importance of this event, the Raouche rock in Lebanon will be lit up with the World Glaucoma Week logo, symbolizing the global effort to raise awareness about this eye disease. This is a significant event that will attract the attention of the public, promoting the importance of eye health and the need for early detection and treatment of glaucoma. The Vision Care Association and Solmed company are committed to improving eye health and reducing the incidence of glaucoma through educational initiatives and community outreach programs. This event is just one of the many efforts being made by the organization to promote eye health and prevent blindness caused by glaucoma.

Organized by

Vision Care Association in Collaboration with Solmed - Lebanon

Contact: RANA DIAB
Contact Email:

Category: Screening event


17/03/2023 - 18/03/2023
3:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Vision Care Association
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