Glaucoma Awareness Campaign 2016



Glaucoma Awareness Campaign 2016 organized by the Ophthalmology Department in King Abdulaziz University , Saudi Arabia under the supervision of Prof.Osama Badeeb ( Glaucoma Consultant) , Dr.Eman Alhussainy (Glaucoma Consultant) and Prof.Ahmed Bawazeer (Chairman of Ophthalmology Department) , Dr.Nooran Badeeb ( ophthalmology resident ) , Dr.Huda Ahmedhussain (ophthalmology resident) , Dr.Firas Madani (ophthalmology resident ) and in participation with ophthalmology residents in the Saudi Board of Ophthalmology (Western Region) and undergraduate medical students .
The event was held for 3 days in 2 venues : 2 days (18-19 March) in Redsea mall and for 1 day (24th of March) in King Abdulaziz University Hospital .
The main activities :
  • Infographic Short film explain the disease, it is importance and risk factors , how to diagnose and treat in simple and attractive way alongside with a translation in sign language:
  • Flyers ( brochure , Rolls up) and gifts (USB, Pens, Stress Balls)
  • Questionnaire : to mesure the level of awareness
  • Intraocular Pressure examination by (Tonopen , Airpuff) , Optic Nerve Photo and OCT
  • Turkish and Filipino translators
  • Photo Booth for the visitors
  • Social Media : Twitter : @glaucomakau ,  Instagram: @Glaucoma_kau ,   Youtube : Glaucoma Kau , Facebook Page:حملة-التوعية-بمرض-الماء-الأزرق/622952734459425
  • Media : TV, Radio and news papers
  • Application in iPhone
Outcome :
More than 1000 visitor to the campaign during the 3 days , 500 were examined for IOP and optic nerve photo.

Contact: Dr.Huda AhmedHussain
Contact Email:


18/03/2016 - 24/03/2016
All Day


King Albdulaziz UniversityHospital and Redsea Mall
King Abdulaziz University Hospital
Western region


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