Eye Associates: World Glaucoma Week

World Glaucoma Week starts on the 10th-16th of March here at Eye Associates, Sydney! #glaucomaweek

“Glaucoma is infamous as ‘the sneak thief of sight’: the most common types give no warning they are slowly, progressively destroying a person’s vision. Because usually the vision at first is affected to the side, patients notice little, if anything. By the time an individual realises something is wrong, there may have been considerable damage”.

Preface taken from ‘Glaucoma How to Save Your Sight’ by Ivan Goldberg & Remo Susanna Jr.

Organized by

Eye Associates

Contact: Steven Dao
Contact Email: contact@eyeassociates.com.au

Category: Public educational


09/03/2019 - 16/03/2019
All Day


Eye Associates
187 Macquarie st
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