World glaucoma week activities at LV Prasad Eye Institute

This year World Glaucoma Week started off with creating a public awareness initiative with press meet. The emphasis was given to educating people about the blinding disease, “glaucoma”. Special emphasis regarding family screening to detect affected family members of this partially genetic disease. We also emphasized the great need for preventing steroid induced glaucoma by educating public, pharmacists and medical fraternity about avoiding over the counter sale/purchase of steroid drugs, avoiding unmonitored use of steroid medications and frequent follow-up of people who require long term steroids for chronic diseases. Educating people above 40 years of age to have a comprehensive eye check up to rule out silent diseases like glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. Asians are prone to angle closure Glaucoma and women are more prone to this aggressive form of glaucoma. Hence an initiative to educate women regarding this disease, and to urge women >40 years to get glaucoma evaluation done. The message was published in over 25 local and national newspapers and electronic media.

We had glaucoma public awareness walk on March 8, 2015 from Prasad Labs, Banjara Hills. Our colleagues and friends from various specialties and departments participated enthusiastically and raised slogan of ‘BIG’, Beat Invisible Glaucoma, this years ‘WGA’ slogan. Ophthalmologist colleagues from Hyderabad Ophthalmic Association, our patients and their families also joined us. Celebrities included Mr. Ramesh Prasad from Prasad Film Laboratories, film personalities “actress – Easha”, Actor “Naginedu” film director “Kanneganti Mohan Krishna”, Actor cum Director “A. Srinivas” and Mrs. Naga Susheela. We thank all of them for their enthusiasm and participating in our joint initiative to create public awareness for glaucoma.

This was exclusively captured and published in the media including newspapers, electronic media and social media network.

CME programme “The Art and Science of Glaucoma” held on March 8, 2015 at “The Park” Hyderabad organized by Hyderabad Ophthalmologist’s Association to educate the PGs’ and general ophthalmologists of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. This programme was attended by over 150 delegates, from across the States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

We had television interview and public awareness address about glaucoma through ETV 2, programme “Sukhibhava” which was aired on March 5, 2015.

Our institute had posters about glaucoma displayed in prominent places at all the levels and waiting lounges. We had glaucoma awareness and educational in Telugu and English which were played in the waiting lounges through the week. It was expressed by many that they were very happy with the public awareness initiative and we wish to do this regularly.

We had glaucoma public forum on 12th evening 4-6 pm, was very well attended by over 100 participants, patients and families to learn more about the disease and interact with the experts. They expressed the usefulness of this initiative and requested similar program to be recorded and made available to benefit larger audience.

All this could have not been possible without the hard work by Sam, Uday, Arun, all our secretaries and patient care staff for the coordination between and across campuses. All trade pharma, Pfizer, Alcon Labs, Allergan, Sun Pharma, Cipla Limited and Lupin Limited (for their time, effort and financial support). Shoba and other team members from CAVU for the excellent video and coverage, Chary and his team for excellent photography, Yedukondalu, Sreedevi (help by Yedukondalu and Sreedevi from communication needs special mention for helping us with excellent posters and designs) and security staff, our fellows, consultants, patient counseling staff and entire glaucoma team for all the help and excellent team effort.

We thank all for the support and we look forward to having this programme annually and help create better public awareness about glaucoma in the country in the coming years.




Organized by

LV Prasad Eye Institute

Contact: Dr. Sirisha Senthil
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Category: Public educational


08/03/2015 - 14/03/2015
12:00 am


LV Prasad Marg, Road # 2, Banjara Hills
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