Ophthalmological school. Stress and vision loss in glaucoma. How to resist stress and preserve eyesight.

Ophthalmological school for doctors. How to resist stress and preserve eyesight. Stress and vision loss in glaucoma (POAG, NTG, GON).

Glaucoma is an appropriate example of how an eye disease can be influenced or caused by mental stress. The biological response to mental stress and the pathogenesis of glaucoma share numerous common features sufficient to justify the mental stress based etiology. The principle mechanisms are intraocular pressure elevation, vascular dysregulation, and an imbalance of autonomic nervous system regulation and immunological aspects.

Stress leads to vision loss which causes stress, which in turn worsens the vision loss, making the stress even worse and so on. This new psychosomatic perspective has several implications for clinical practice.Considering psychosomatic factors offers new leads for interventions to supplement existing concepts of treating vision loss by means that go beyond mere eye drops and surgery.
Stress reduction can help in the management of vision loss.

Broadcast online https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgC1QfeSqJM

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