National glaucoma information campaign

Unadev :
The National Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired (Unadev) has been working since 1929 to improve the daily lives of blind and visually impaired people and contributes to their individual and collective development.
Thanks to its 8 regional centers, its nursing home and numerous partners throughout the territory, the association offers adapted activities, common projects and experiences which develop autonomy and empower blind and visually impaired people.
With support from both public and private partners and its donors, it funds accompaniment, research and innovation, works to prevent visual impairment and advocates for a truly inclusive society.

Glaucoma in France :
World’s leading cause of total blindness and France’s second leading cause of blindness, glaucoma is a pathology unknown by the public. In France, it is estimated that 1.5 million people are afflicted by glaucoma and 1/3 to half of them are unaware of it.

National glaucoma information campaign :
Thirteen years ago, The National Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired set itself the mission of preventing visual impairment raising public awareness of the importance of early detection of glaucoma.
This is why Unadev engaged in a national awareness and free glaucoma screening campaign.
Giving the success of this campaign, Unadev created the Glaucoma Bus, a semi-trailer equipped with a receiving area and an ophthalmology office.
Thus, since 2011, with support from the French Glaucoma Society (SFG), the French Society of Ophtalmology (SFO) and the French Glaucoma Association (AFG), the Glaucoma Bus drives around France to meet the public and to allow as many people as possible to learn about the disease and to be tested.
Since the creation of the Glaucoma Bus, Unadev has tested more than 42000 people, including more than 2500 with suspected glaucoma. It means that more than 6% of the people coming to get tested leave with a suspicion of glaucoma and a recommendation to consult an ophthalmologist of their choosing within a reasonable time.

World Glaucoma Week :
As every year, for the World Glaucoma Week, Unadev is organizing an event to raise public awareness on visual health and early detection of glaucoma. Here’s the program :

1. Monday, March 11th :
Professor Aptel, ophthalmologist in Perpignan, President of the SFG and of the AFG scientific council, will lead an information meeting for patients and their close relatives at the Unadev Regional Center in Perpignan.

2. From Tuesday 12th to Thursday 14th March :
The Glaucoma Bus will be at Place Catalogne in Perpignan to welcome the public and offer free screening for glaucoma and other blinding pathologies.

3. Wednesday, March 13th :
Unadev is organizing an event around the Glaucoma Bus in Perpignan, in the Place Catalogne :
– Exchanges on the theme of glaucoma, the leading cause of absolute blindness in France ;
– Free glaucoma screening for the public with the Glaucoma Bus ;
– Information and awareness thanks to role-play situations, where people can put themselves in the situation of being visually impaired or blind.

4. March, all month :
In March, Unadev will also inform the public about glaucoma via its social networks :
– Facebook :
– Linkedin :
– Twitter :
– Instagram :

Organized by

Union Nationale des Aveugles et Déficients Visuels (Unadev) / National Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired

Contact: Mélissa NICOLAS
Contact Email:

Category: Awareness


11/03/2024 - 15/03/2024
All Day


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