Lighting Galata Tower in Istanbul TURKEY

Turkish Ophthalmological Association, Glaucoma Society prepared some activities for this world glaucoma week through all Turkey and especially in Istanbul.

Our big activity is onĀ lighting famous Galata tower for all week, seven nights with special week color ‘green’ and write ‘You have to check your eye pressure’ ‘ World glaucoma week’ in our language’ on it. Galata tower is very old and famous 65 meter height iconic symbol in Istanbul which can be seen from most of the city parts.

Our other activities are placed 50×70 cm sized posters in metro stations ( 50 places) and inside Public buses (100 places).


Contact: Prof Dr Tekin YASAR
Contact Email:


08/03/2020 - 14/03/2020
7:00 pm - 7:00 am


Galata tower
Galata square


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