GRSC Presents: 10th Albert Waxer Lecture – Effect of Neuroprotective Drugs in Glaucoma with Dr. Cindy Hutnik

Effect of Neuroprotective Drugs in Glaucoma
by Dr. Cindy Hutnik, BSc, MD. PhD, FRCS(C)
Sponsored by Santen Canada Inc.

As part of their Annual Supporters’ Meeting, Glaucoma Research Society of Canada presents the Albert Waxer Lecture, habitually presented by a recipient of a grant from GRSC’s most recent campaign season.

In 2020, Dr. Cindy Hutnik and her research team Dr. Vinay Kansal, Dr. James Armstrong and Jacqueline Slomovic, presented their findings which included recent Canadian glaucoma statistics, how glaucoma affects people, why further research is so important, along with the initial findings from Dr. Hutnik’s project Effect of Neuroprotective Drugs in Glaucoma.

Glaucoma Research Society of Canada funds glaucoma research across Canada and relays the latest findings to its supporters on a regular basis through their website, a bi-annual newsletter and through events such as this. Costs are kept minimal in order to fund as much research as possible – GRSC is fortunate to have an amazing community of supporters along with a skilled board of directors who volunteer their time and efforts. We hope you enjoy!

Please visit GRSC’s website for more information. If you feel so inclined, please consider donating.

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Glaucoma Research Society of Canada

Contact: Suzanne Marshall
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7:00 pm


Glaucoma Research Society of Canada
1929 Bayview Ave, Suite 215E
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