Glaucoma CET evening for Optometrists at My iClinic London.

Lecture 1
Glaucoma. Pathogenesis and Diagnosis.

The lecture will describe the different glaucomas and how they are diagnosed. It will look at Ocular Hypertension and differentiate between the different pathologies. It will look at how the diagnosis is substantiated and how the treatment goals are set such as setting the target pressure.

Lecture 2
Medical and Surgical Treatment of Glaucoma.

The lecture will describe the treatment pathway for patients with glaucoma. It will discuss how often patients need to be reviewed and what tests are appropriate at what intervals. It will examine all the current topical medications including preservative free medications and their indications. The lecture will discuss the surgical options available including penetrating and non penetrating surgery, stents, valves and implants.

There will be plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion
Lecturer: Ms Bola Odufuwa,
Consultant Ophthalmologist Royal Free Hospital

Contact: John BOlger
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6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


My iClinic
960 High Road
N12 9RY


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