Glaucoma Awareness Campaign

During this year’s World Glaucoma Week, we are initiating a strategy for enhancing glaucoma patients’ compliance with follow up reviews. We will invite past glaucoma patients who had once received treatment at our clinic but couldn’t show up in the year 2019. The activity will involve free clinical review followed by an hour of group counseling with regard to all important aspects of glaucoma care; Early Identification ( attention to all people with higher risk of having glaucoma such as 1st-degree relatives, African ethnicity, myopia and age above 40 yrs); Treatment Acceptance,  and Adherence to follow up reviews.

Contact: Mr Sharqaaw Abbas
Contact Email:


09/03/2020 - 13/03/2020
7:30 am - 12:30 pm


New Vision Specialist Eye Clinic, Kimweri Ave – Msasani, Dar es Salaam – Tanzania
Kimweri Ave
Dar es Salaam
Dar es Salaam


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