Glaucoma Awareness – Activities for the Young Ophthalmologists

The Brazilian Glaucoma Society, in association with Dorina Nowill Foundantion, has launched a new Educational Program for the young Ophthalmologist.

Dorina Nowill Foundation is a Brazilian nonprofit philantropic organization, dedicated to the social inclusion of visually impaired people. (

World Glaucoma Week happens exactly during the Basic Science Course in Ophthalmology, provided by the University of Sao Paulo, for 80 medical doctors who are starting their training in Ophthalmology.  All these new young Ophthalmologists will experience a simulation to demonstrate how it is to live with low vision or blindness, provided by Orientation and Mobility specialists. This experience aims to call the attention to the importance of Glaucoma diagnosis and proper treatment.

Contact: Marcelo Hatanaka
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4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


University of Sao Paulo, School of Medicine
Av. Dr. Eneas Carvalho de Aguiar, 255
Sao Paulo


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