Glaucoma – A Patient Story

I am a Glaucoma Patient since 29 Nov 2019 with LE 6/9 and visionless RE with no family history of Glaucoma.

I wished someone had told me that red eye, sudden blurry, acute headache on the forehead, feeling nausea even though I had not eaten for two days and seeing halo is a Medical Emergency.

Once the novelty of being a patient wore off and I start Living Glaucoma, I’d realised like me in the beginning… many are unaware of this “Silent THIEF of Sight”. In 2021, a recollection of trying to find support group and understanding about this disease, realising there’s no cure… I’d started sharing my journey to create awareness on FB, IG,Twitter and TikTok… riding on every initiatives available.

For World Glaucoma Week 2023, Dr Cheng contacted me to share my journey on this Silent Thief of Sight for awareness on a national morning TV show “Malaysia Hari Ini” on 14 Mar 2023 to talk about my journey. It was only a 15 minutes slot but a window nonetheless which I am thankful thus submitting on behalf of all those involved to make it happen.

As there was already an Ophthalmology on the show, I did not go into detail on my journey BUT I hope everyone who watch the show then or later to know that there is WGA and WGW, globalwide initiatives by definition. Unlike any other Awareness initiative or celebrative day, WGW goes for a week. Why? I’d explained in Bahasa Malaysia, as it was a national show how WGA has already laid out the tools for everyone to use and that irregardless what we do, where we are… we are in position to share and extend this awareness to the community.

It is fortunate that the show was captured in YouTube and everyone would be able to continue sharing how important it is to take care of our eyes #GetTested and especially during these week, a lot of eye care professionals and optical outlets are giving free eye test.

Thank you.

Organized by

Malaysian Glaucoma Society

Contact: Suraya Sulaiman
Contact Email:

Category: Media coverage


9:30 am - 10:30 am


MHI TV3, Sri Pentas
Sri Pentas, No. 3. Persiaran Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama,
Petaling Jaya
Asia Pacific
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