Earlier Surgical Intervention: Why This Might be the Best Option for You

You’re invited for a special World Glaucoma Week Facebook Live Q&A with Dr Nathan Kerr on Monday 7th March at 7:00PM AEDT!

Dr Kerr is the Principal Investigator and Clinical Lead for glaucoma surgical trials in CERA’s Clinical Trials Research Centre. He is a pioneer of minimally invasive glaucoma surgery, having been the first surgeon in Australia to implant or be trained to perform several types of minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) procedures in Australia.

Dr Kerr will discuss earlier surgical intervention in glaucoma and why this might be the best option for you. He will also share the key benefits of MIGS treatment and answer any questions you have!

This session will be hosted by Glaucoma Australia CEO Annie Gibbins. To attend, simply head over to Glaucoma Australia’s Facebook page on Monday 7th March at 7PM AEDT and watch the video live.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask Dr Kerr about this topic, be sure to pop them in the comments below!

Session Times by State:
07:00pm AEDT (ACT, NSW, VIC, TAS)
6:30pm ACDT (SA)
6:00pm AEST (QLD)
5.30pm ACST (NT)
4:00pm AWST (WA)

**More about Dr Kerr**

Dr Kerr’s primary research interest is the surgical management of glaucoma, in particular to determine the safety, clinical efficacy, cost-effectiveness, and impact on quality of life of newer minimally invasive surgical techniques and implants compared to traditional therapies.

Utilising microscopic minimally invasive devices and new methods of medication delivery, he is investigating new treatments that may one day replace the need for daily glaucoma eye drops.

Dr Kerr has been involved in several landmark clinical trials including the Primary Tube versus Trabeculectomy Study, the Treatment of Advanced Glaucoma Study, and the InnFocus MicroShunt Study.

Organized by

Glaucoma Australia

Contact: Glaucoma Australia
Contact Email: glaucoma@glaucoma.org.au

Category: Public educational


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Eye Surgery Associates
Level 2, 232 Victoria Parade
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