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World Glaucoma Week 2017

Welcome to World Glaucoma Week 2020 / #glaucomaweek

As a major collaboration between the World Glaucoma Association and the World Glaucoma Patient Association, this series of activities globally alerts people to have regular eye (and optic nerve) checks to detect glaucoma earlier, thus contributing to sight preservation.

A wide range of publicity-attracting activities around the world involve ophthalmologists, optometrists and other eye care workers in hospitals, universities, clinics, private practices include many private individuals, especially those with glaucoma or with family members with glaucoma. Glaucoma societies and glaucoma patient associations all participate.

Each year we adopt a common theme that is then adapted to local conditions; this unites our efforts. Recently we have concentrated on First Degree Relatives (FDRs) as they have a ten-fold increase in life-long glaucoma risk. If FDRs were to act on this information with regular glaucoma optic nerve tests, it would be likely to save a great deal of sight.

The glaucomas cause progressive damage to the vision; they do so without warning till later in the disease process and while treatment is effective in arresting the disease, it cannot reverse damage already present. The earlier the diagnosis, the less damage done and the more vision there is to save.

Newsletters and social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) will provide ideas you might find useful when you arrange a project in your neighbourhood and will yield us a network in which we are all able to inspire and guide one another as we share our goals and our strategies. By sharing successes as well as less successful ventures, we should be able to learn from one another and to be even more effective to reach our goal: elimination of glaucoma blindness.

Ivan GoldbergForge ahead!

Ivan Goldberg
Chair World Glaucoma Week Committee

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