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Don't forget to use the hashtag #glaucomaweek and tag the official WGA and the World Glaucoma Week accounts in your posts and stories.

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Activities around the globe

Have your eyes tested at a location near you or get inspired to organize your own activity.

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What is glaucoma?

Glaucoma is the most common cause of irreversible blindness. 78 million people have glaucoma. That is every one in 200 people aged 40, which rises to one in eight by aged 80.

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Get involved!

When it comes to glaucoma, lack of awareness may cause severe issues, that could even lead to permanent vision loss. And as glaucoma isn’t always under the radar, the World Glaucoma Week activities are crucial. How can you contribute?

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What a week! Over 800 activities from around the world were submitted on the World Map

Thank you all for being a part of this global initiative. By joining forces, we have made a strong impact in glaucoma screening and public education. Of course, our mission doesn’t stop here. We will continue our journey of raising awareness about glaucoma and urging people to get tested

Save the date for next year: March 10-16, 2024

Welcome to World Glaucoma Week

“World Glaucoma Week is a unique initiative that puts a spotlight on glaucoma as the leading cause of preventable irreversible blindness worldwide. The prompt diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma can prevent needless vision impairment, however, so many are unaware they have the disease or may not have access to much-needed care. As the numbers are expected to increase exponentially, it is a growing public health concern that needs more attention and effective eye health systems. The active coming together of the international community with colleagues and key stakeholders through events to stimulate awareness and dialogue is a show of our shared commitment to improving glaucoma care for patients around the world.” 

Neeru Gupta MD PhD MBA
President, World Glaucoma Association


What is World Glaucoma Week?
With Song Joong-Ki
What is glaucoma?
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What is glaucoma?
With Yoona
What is World Glaucoma Week?
Click the CC button for subtitles in various languages
What is World Glaucoma Week?
With Jung Ji-hoon (Rain)
A Patient’s Journey
Living with glaucoma

Watch all World Glaucoma Week videos

Glaucoma care during the pandemic

The World Glaucoma Association has released a Patient Guide with messages for patients with glaucoma. It addresses questions and concerns, to help minimize vision loss from glaucoma during the pandemic. Available in several languages.

Learn more about glaucoma care during the pandemic from these experts

Continuous glaucoma check-ups guides treatment success
Visit your eye doctor as soon as possible if you notice one of the following cases

Watch all expert videos
Most forms of glaucoma get worse slowly

Get Inspired

In need of inspiration for your World Glaucoma Week activity? Start by browsing the archives!


Download the toolkit with logo, banners & more to create your own artwork.

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Around the World: activities in 2023


Did you know?

Most people with glaucoma are not aware of it: most glaucoma patients have zero symptoms.

Catch the disease early and you have a great chance of preserving your vision for the years to come.

Your activity will help raise glaucoma awareness. Submit your activity, and start making a difference.

#glaucomaweek #gettested

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